Spitting D20s – Issue 97


This week the crew of Red Six to Golden Corral is joined by Amber and Anthony, two incredibly fun ambassadors of table top gaming. Avid fans of Dungeons & Dragons as well as being members of the D&D Adventurers League (DDAL) these two clerics at heart also organize Extra Life at Game HQ, which brings gamers together for 24hrs of table top gaming with proceeds and donations going to the Extra Life charity. The good times roll a natural 20 when the gang discusses Game of Thrones heroes as a D&D adventuring party and thar be dragons in a special edition of the movie game gauntlet. Dragons, Dixit, demogorgons and sexy gelatinous cubes are ahead so grab life by the dice-bag and prepare yourself for adventure!



A big special thanks to Amber and Anthony for coming out and sharing their love of the hobby with us. If you are in the Oklahoma City area be sure to support a great charity by attending the Extra Life at Game HQ, October 6th starting at 8pm and ending October 7th at 8pm.
A little about the Extra Life Charity
Extra Life unites thousands of gamers around the world to play games in support of their local Children’s Miracle Network Hospital. Since its inception in 2008, Extra Life has raised more than $30 million for sick and injured kids. Sign up today and dedicate a day of play for kids in your community!


Spoonman (acoustic cover by Leo Moracchioli)

Leo´s covers are available for sale here: Loudr: http://loudr.fm/artist/leo/8aFkh Itunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/artist/le… Hi there, my name is Leo and I run a studio on the westside of Norway where I record and produce bands, do video work and play live shows. On my youtube channel there is lots of videos with covers, gear reviews , studio updates and other shenaningans. For my covers I play everything myself as well as record, mix, master, shoot and the music & videos. Please subscribe if you like what you see/hear and I am forever gratefull to everyone who buys songs so I can keep doing this as a living. Youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/leolego Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/frogleapstudios Twitter: https://twitter.com/FrogLeapStudios Website: http://frogleapstudios.com Contact: frogleapstudios@gmail.com

Red Six Goes Full Gutter Nerd – Issue 96


This week the crew of Red Six to Golden Corral is joined by Steven and J.B. from the Gutter Nerds podcast to discuss some of some of the deepest questions from the world of geek culture.  A true meeting of dulled minds takes place when three topics of discussion are brought before the panel. From discussing what it says about our modern society that it chooses to place the fictional vigilante caped crusader from Gotham on a pedestal above all other superheroes to idolize. To finding what the effects are from Hollywood’s new found obsession with creating cinematic universes. Lastly the Gutter Nerds, in a showcase of their video game knowledge, give their thoughts on the current success or failure of Nintendo’s Switch. It’s alcohol, deep thoughts, and good friends on this nerd packed Issue!



The Mighty Mighty Bosstones – The Impression That I Get

Have you ever been close to tragedy
Or been close to folks who have?
Have you ever felt a pain so powerful
So heavy you collapse?No?… More

The Dark Side of Red Six: Dr. Wily Loves Mega-Peace

There is no glowing sense of nostalgia for Mega-Man in my heart. It was a constant source of frustration and ire. I was absolutely terrible at the game and instead of admitting that fact, I would  pretend I was angry over insignificant things like how Mega-Man was forced to change his name to appease American audiences because apparently RockMan would not have gone over as well. But now when I see Roll I think how we could have had ROCK AND ROLL!  Dammit.

The game rewards memorization and my skills were honed to reaction. I stood no chance.

But can we all agree that the names of the Robot Masters make varying degrees of sense?

*Interior of a corporate board room”
Me (Handsome, eloquent): Let’s each share an idea or two for a potential mini-boss for this Mega-Man game we are creating.  I’ll go first. I have Cuts-Man, he will use a blade attack weapon. I also came up with another called Ice-Man, and of course he will use ice related powers against our protagonist. What ideas do you have for a Robot Master?

You (Likely Caleb, morlock like): Guts-Man. He real strong. Throw rocks. He my favorite.

Me (Dying inside): Well..  I guess.. if that is what you really want.  Just, well, ya know doesn’t carry with the theme like the rest do.. but.. ok.


This really has been a not so subtle dig at Caleb because of his undying love for the Mega-Man dynasty. And it just so happens that Guts-Man is his favorite Robot Master

Loved the 8-bit approach Mathew took with this comic. It really brings the character home to it’s roots and it’s just cool as hell seeing the variation of art style when going back through the comics.

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Hopping Jams With Kelly Hoppenjans – Issue 95


This week the crew of Red Six to Golden Corral is joined by singer songwriter Kelly Hoppenjans to discuss touring, Nashville, writing, and a life devoted to music.  Mixing elements of pop, folk, jazz, rock, and disarming vocals threaded by personal lyrics, Kelly Hoppenjans’ music will weave itself into any music lovers playlist.

Kelly Hoppenjans

Lastly a big special thanks from the boys of Red Six to Kelly for making time while on a busy tour, and for being such a wonderful guest to chat with.

To hear more from Kelly, be sure to visit her website at www.kellyhoppenjans.com as well as on Facebook and Spotify for more music and information on tour dates.


Kelly Hoppenjans – Counting 1-2-3

Singing Songs All Day Long:
Kelly Hoppenjans is an indie-pop singer-songwriter based in Nashville. A charming performer with a sweetly soulful voice, her personal songs reveal her wit and honesty in her own quirky way.

released September 30, 2015

All songs written by Kelly Hoppenjans (BMI)
Produced and arranged by Ryan Connors and Kelly Hoppenjans
Lead/Background Vocals: Kelly Hoppenjans
Keys and Hand Percussion: Ryan Connors
Drums: Nate Felty
Clarinet: Kevin Gatzke
Bass: Alec Newnam
Cello: Chris Perdue
Violin: Lauren Saks
Guitar: Ian Smith
Background Vocals: Dain Ussery
Engineer: Wil Houchens
Recorded at Cathy Jo Studios
Photo and Design by Three Hat Media


2 Boys 1 Couch Co-op – Issue 94


This week the crew of Red Six to Golden Corral cozy up on the couch and prepare to smash. No, not like that Becky. It’s Couch Co-Op served up as the boys discuss the finer points of building friendships and crushing them in one of gaming’s oldest traditions. From the moment home consoles took root, the couch has been the chariot on which digital gladiators conduct their business of death. New oaths of camaraderie forged and alliances bitterly sundered. Couch Co-op has seen a resurgence with indie titles and large developers taking notice of Gamers who are looking to play together in person rather than online. From Gauntlet to Speedrunners the gang covers some of their favorite couch games from yesterday and today. So gather your friends and pick up the sticks, ready your best smack talk, and load up on beers and chips because this Warrior Needs Gaming, Badly!

Check out our friends over at the Gutternerds for more Twitch streaming and Couch Co-Op!


Sugarpie And The Candymen – Come Together

COME TOGETHER (Lennon, McCartney) Taken from the album : “LET IT SWING” IRM 1402

Girato (26/10/2015): al BEATLES MUSEUM presso IL “MUSEO MILLE MIGLIA”- Brescia Riprese a cura di Alessandro Giambelli in collaborazione con Rolando Giambelli (Presidente Beatlesiani d’Italia Associati) Ideazione, regia e post-produzione: Adriano Fabi Video clip prodotto da : Irma Records /Wing Srl

The Dark Side of Red Six: The Lair

Caleb has a room in his house almost entirely dedicated to podcasting.  By only the strictest definition am I forced to preface the description of the room where Red Six records with “almost entirely” due to the fact that the computer he uses to record and edit the cast also occasionally midnights as a vehicle to play one or two non mobile games. Even using the term “room” seems inadequate when you take into consideration the plans Caleb has for the space. A Podcasting Acropolis seems more of a fitting title but referring to it as such  would undoubtedly cause his ego to mutate him into an Akira-infused like microphone bedazzled monstrosity. Therefore I refer to the area as his Lair. He really does have a back up generator ready to come on during any power outage so that, as he says, “no podcast material will be lost during a storm”. It is ridiculous after all the improvements made to The Lair, the custom table, the craft beer with taps, and sound proofing. The only thing we would ever truly be impressed by.. would be a mini-fridge to put our beers and sodas in.

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Red Six On Comic-Con: All The Musk, None Of The Lines – Issue 93


This week the crew of Red Six to Golden Corral discuss San Diego Comic-Con 2017 a.k.a SDCC 2017 a.k.a Hollywood Superhero Movie Hype-Con 2017.  The largest geek convention in the world showcasing all the newest cinematic trailers as well as superhero movie and television news. Which only leaves 365 days to fumigate Hall-H but that gives us plenty of time to be cynical but secretly hyped for all the upcoming media being made ready for our consumption!  The gang sifts through the news and trailers to bring you some hot takes and excitement from Stargate to Justice League and all the bits in between. So dust off your Deadpool or Harley Quinn cosplay because it’s going to be a nerdy good time!




This is What Happens When Trash Fires Collide

Do not listen, beyond here lies madness!