Okie Comics with Jeff Provine – Issue 120


This week the boys are joined by their good friend Jeff Provine to discuss his adventure in publishing the Oklahoma based comic publication, Okie Comics Magazine. Okie Comics Magazine is a bimonthly anthology publication showcasing the talents of Oklahoma creators with story featuring Oklahoma. This issue has it all from comic book talk, Nintendo Labo, What’s In My Pocket with Caleb Haldane, and stout competition for the Movie Game Gauntlet!


At 20:15 Jeff Provine showing he can hang with not just us foul mouthed folk but also the professionals! So awesome!

Want to know more about the variety of events Jeff brought up in this Issue? Visit the links below for more information and an undoubtedly a good time.
UCO’s Comic Fest
The Event that Must Not be Named
Oklahoma Contemporary Comix art
Women of Wonder Con


The Artist - The Hush Sound

You perceive all of these things
I’d never have known
Love, will you turn off the lights
We’re already home… More

Wrestling On The Couch Pirate Jake – Issue 119


Are you ready brother?! This week the boys from Red Six tag in Oklahoma Podcast Hall of Famer, Couch Pirate Jake, for a wrestling draft spectacular! The pantheon from the Golden Era of WWF will be pitted against the flashy mic skills of the Attitude Era. Who will make the best squad from these suplexing titans?! This Issue of Red Six has it all! Wrestling, Black Panther, Antman & The Wasp, Venom, and so much more. So what-cha gonna do, brother, when 10,000 Red Six Maniacs run wild.. on you!


CM Punk Theme Song (WWE Acoustic Parody) - Pro Wrestling Goes Acoustic

Published on Dec 16, 2014

Welcome to Pro Wrestling Goes Acoustic! Join us on our WWE YouTube journey as we create acoustic covers and parodies of some of the best WWE Themes, WWE Songs and WWE Music in Pro Wrestling History! You can expect new Acoustic Covers and Parodies every single Friday as well as Tutorials and How To Play videos throughout the week. We are here to make you mark out as we in the wise words of SCSA “Open a can of certified audio whoopass.” Enjoying an episode of RAW, Smackdown or NXT and hear an Entrance Theme that you want to hear a cover of? Let us know in the comments!
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King Kong vs Godzilla, A Love Story: Issue 118


This week the crew of Red Six dive back into the world of Kaiju with another Godzilla movie.  King Kong vs Godzilla is the the 3rd in Toho’s Godzilla franchise and marks a departure from the serious tone of the previous films.  A Kaiju cringe-fest that will have you feeling both love and shame for our gargantuan heroes! It’s the Green Machine at his cockiest and King Kong (aka Bing Bong) being the drug poppin’ bad ass as we have never seen before. From beginning to finish this mess of a movie is a tour de force of poor choices. Want to see King Kong drunk? Want to see monsters inexplicably change size to fit the shot? This is definitely going to be a must check out podcast just in time for Valentine’s Day.  Love is a battlefield and this crew is gonna wreck it!




Godzilla vs Kong Song:invencible



“Feel Invincible (Y2K Remix)” off the deluxe album UNLEASHED BEYOND available now Download/Stream now at https://Atlantic.lnk.to/UnleashedBeyo…

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The Soundtracks that Fail to Score – Issue 117


This week the boys of Red Six are moved by the music when Alexandra Bohannon joins the cast to discuss movie scores.  Alexandra carries a special fondness for music used in unison with film or video games to elevate the medium.  Alex brings this passion for music to bear with Sound Trek, a score analysis segment on the Cinematic Schematic Podcast. This week the gang was not tasked with discussing the the best scores of cinema history but challenged to find the worst soundtracks of all time.  It is a Titanic mess of music that will give you disco scurvy AND leave you buggin’. Do not miss it! Also this week’s Issue introduces a new game of New Year’s Resolution riddles that will frustrate any Hobbit or Gollum. This week’s Issue has it all. Laughs, tears, trolls, anger, and awkward 90s rap. You can’t lose!

Alexandra Bohannon

A special thanks to Alex for coming out and recording with us. We promise next time it will be a less cringe inducing topic. You can hear Alexandra discuss scores that are worth your listen on Sound Trek, part of the Cinematic Schematic podcast.


Carry On Wayward Slam

Published on Apr 24, 2013

Slam Bam
Thank you ma’am