An MMORPG Ate My Baby – Issue 91


This Issue of Red Six to Golden Corral takes a look at the seedy dragon underbelly of online video gaming. This week the boys reveal truths about Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Games that the streetwise call, MMORPG. They recount their own addicted histories experimenting with this divisive gaming drug.  Red Six has been informed by their legal staff that it is imperative they caution any listeners who have played MMORPG in the past that this Issue might cause nostalgia filled flashbacks to all the good times they had having fun and making friends online while traversing “fantasy landscapes”. Pulling back the curtain with hard hitting pseudo-investigative quasi-journalism, the crew discusses some of the fears of playing games like World of Warcraft (Street name: WoW) as well as Final Fantasy XI and Final Fantasy XIV.  After listening to this podcast, you find yourself wanting to roam a digital desert in search of some beefy cactaur to milk because a Quest Giver asked you to, don’t blame us. You have been warned.


A Call to Arms

A Call to Arms” is a song included on the World of Warcraft Soundtrack. The music made its debut in the cinematic trailer for Warcraft III (composed of various Warcraft III cinematic clips) and was first made available as a standalone MP3 from the official Warcraft III game site. The lyrics were written in “rough Latin”, in that they are just Latin words strung together without forming any coherent sentences, but are intended to convey ideas and sounds rather than tell a narrative.


Latin lyrics
English translation
Praelium FacioAnimus
Gradior Quo
ProdoIn Excelsis
InvadoriaDesideratus Fatum
Desideratus Bellum
Join battleCourage
By marching to death
Bring forthIn the highest
Fight to the finish
Against enemies
InvadeWelcome fate
Welcome war

SoonerCon 2017: Four Panels And One Is A Lie — Issue 89


This week the crew of Red Six to Golden Corral is joined by one of their favorite returning guest, Jeff Provine. Author of multiple books including most recently 31 Ghost Stories and Hellfire as well as being the ghoulish soul behind the Oklahoma City Ghost Tour. This week Jeff joins us as we take a look back at some of the panels we spoke at for SoonerCon 2017. The boys discuss the fears of minds lost to madness and the ethics of A.I. in this thought provoking Issue! But that’s not all! We have porn star lookalikes, Caesar haircuts and a beguiling recommendation for Beguiled! Plus the season finale of the Movie Game that puts the entire season in jeopardy! It’s some of the best bits of Soonercon bottled for your mass consumption!

That dashing Jeff Provine!

Photo: Corbis



Tom Wilson: Bigger Than You 2009 (The Questions Song)

Tom Wilson – Biffs Question Song

This live concert by stand-up comedian Tom Wilson (Biff Tannen from Back To The Future) offers witty, family friendly commentary and humorous musical performances.

Red Six & The Gutter: The Good, The Bad, And The E3 – Issue 88


This week the crew of Red Six is joined by Stevo, host of the GutterNerds podcast, to chat about E3 2017.  Covering the highs and lows, the boys take a look at the presentations put on by some of the juggernauts in the video game industry. In a moment of pure elation the gang single handedly discover how to fix E3 for years to come! It’s E3 2017 brought to you in a way you did not know you have been thirsting for!


Gutter Nerds

Stevo at AKON

Awesome time getting to hangout with Stevo during Purge Night 2017!



Big thanks again to our video game Sherpa, Stevo for guiding us to the mountain top of the Electronic Entertainment Expo! Be sure to see Stevo and the rest of his motley crew streaming live on Twitch every Monday at 9CST!


Stevo – Gutter Nerds


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PALR – Electronic Videogame Medley

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Red Six Adventure: A-Kon 2017 – Issue 87


It’s an action packed adventure in this fully loaded Issue of Red Six to Golden Corral.  The crew is back from Fort Worth, Texas where they conquered A-Kon 2017. Anime, cosplay, Visual Kei, Elijah Bae, Gutternerds are cray, and a river of whiskey made for one of the most memorable Con experiences the boys and gals. Hear heroic tales of Pentagon Japan and the dastardly deeds of BBQ. Throw your wedding rings in the dumpster because it’s time we make this official in this fun romp from A-Kon 2017!

The Crew

This amazing Lucio!


A Wild Stevo Appears!

Much love and a big thanks to all the staff and attendees that made this year’s convention such an awesome time!

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Pentagon ペンタゴン – WELCOME TO GHOST HOTEL PV – Sub e

Available on Spotify
Pentagon is a Japanese visual kei rock band formed in 2014. Members Chizuru and Minpha started the limited time band ‘Call Me …’ as a two-member unit, with Taku on guitar and Atsuki on drums. Wikipedia

Red Six Draft: Alien Edition – Issue 86


This week the crew of Red Six brings an out of this world edition of the classic draft, and that can mean only one thing, aliens. Anything goes in this abduction inducing extraterrestrial filled Issue. Crossing the stars and all of science fiction, the draft brings back some old favorites and some unexpected twists when the boys try to out do the other in the most alien rule bending ways possible. Strong choices and poor choices come fast and furious when bragging rights are on the line. Watch the skies and slap “Mars Attacks!” into your bluray player because shit is about to get “ACK! ACK!”.


Looks suspiciously like a member of Red Six…



On my planet this symbol stands for “Get Rekt Nerds”

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The Misfits – I Turned Into a Martian – YouTube
Well, I turned into a Martian
Whoa oh oh
I can’t even recall my name
Whoa oh oh … More

Red Six Gets Schwifty – Issue 85


The week the crew of Red Six discusses Adult Swim’s Rick and Morty. The dark comedy from Dan Harmon (creator of Community, Harmon Quest, and the podcast Harmon Town) that follows the adventures of Morty and his scientist grandfather Rick as they travel across space and dimensions. Delving the emotional highs and lows of life while dealing with eldritch science fiction and horror. The boys focus in on the anti-April Fools release of the first episode of season 3 and discuss predictions and hopes for the upcoming season. Much like the show, this Issue of Red Six crosses all tangents in it’s pursuit to discuss this much loved show.

Show us what you got!

Rick and Morty

Rick and Morty

Evil Morty ain’t having that Schwifty Shit.


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Goodbye Moonmen Music Video (Complete) feat. Fart and Morty

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Moonmen Music Video (Complete) feat. Fart and Morty | Rick and Morty | Adult Swim

Flight Of The Navigator, 10,000 Thumbs Up – Issue 84


This week the crew of Red Six looks back at the Disney classic, Flight of the Navigator.  Can this nostalgia inducing film about time travel and a “cool” alien robot friend hold up today? Will this poor attempt at remaking E.T. (AGAIN) make Steven Spielberg ill? ‘Compliance.’ vs ‘Awkward PeeWee Herman Laugh’, which will break you first? It’s an 80s kid’s dream power fantasy juxtaposed with horrifying abandonment issues! You can’t lose! 10,000 thumbs ready for, Flight of the Navigator!

All this plus Caleb’s bath time hot line, the invention of E-Sports, and a new Movie Game Gauntlet on this Issue of Red Six to Golden Corral.

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Childish Gambino – Flight Of Navigator ( Music Video) – YouTube
Lyrics: So we’re left alone / No one left to call upon / Be still now, broken bones / As I travel on just hold me close my darling… Full lyrics on Google Play Music
Released: 2013
Genre: Hip-hop/rap

A Boy Named Taserface – Issue 83


This week the crew of Red Six pay their tithes to the Marvel Cinematic (Church) Universe and check out Guardians of the Galaxy 2. But before they get into the only Marvel Movie that looked good besides Thor: Ragnarok is a new Movie Game Gauntlet. This week Caleb is guessing the movies of Gary Oldman with hopes of stopping his further decent into what has been called a truly embarrassing showing on his part this season.  A walk through a beer fest and more with the Guardians of the Galaxy. I love you Tazerface.

But the meanest thing that he ever did
Was before he left, he went and named me “Taserface”


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Recorded and Produced at Endless Noise
Music was arranged, played, and recorded by me. I also sang the background vocals.
Vocals by Sera Hatchett…, and Thomas Hinds
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Red Six Adventure: Free Comic Book Day 2017

This week the crew of Red Six to Golden Corral takes on Free Comic Book Day 2017. Joined by Jeff Provine, the boys go on a journey to a variety of comic book stores on their quest to discover the meaning of Free Comic Book Day.

Thanks to all the cosplayers, volunteers, employees and store owners that really make FCBD into the greatest celebration of comics year after year. Not only does it inspire community and comic appreciation but also does so much to promote literacy in children. Thanks for all the customers and fans that we got to talk to along the trip. Thanks to all the comic book stores that let us come in unannounced and stick a microphone in their face!

Speeding Bullet (Norman)
Wizard’s Asylum (Norman)
DZ Comics (Moore)
New World Games & Comics (Del City)
Empire Strikes Books (OKC)
All Star Comics (OKC)
New World Comics & Games (OKC)




Special Red Six Thanks to Jeff Provine for coming up with this idea and letting us live vicariously through his comic book treasure hunt! (Stop trying to use “Red Six” like its some catch phrase. It doesn’t work. At all. -Caleb)
Also for taking all the great photographs during the trip! We can’t wait to do this again next year!

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“Talkin’ Comics Weekly” is Amy Dallen’s comic book show dedicated to new releases and comic-book-related adventures.

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Song written by Amy Dallen and Jason Charles Miller
Song produced by Jason Charles Miller
Song mixed by Geoff Bisente
All instruments played by Jason Charles Miller

9 Concerts and a Con – Issue 81


This week the crew of Red Six to Golden Corral gets a funky groove going in this packed Issue! After attending Super BitCon the boys sit down and go over their spoils from the convention. Nick has an axe to grind about the “9 Concerts & a Lie” that has been making its way on various social media. The conversation turns to the boys going over their concert experiences and decide to re-imagine the “9 Concerts & a Lie” to “9 Concerts & The One That Got Away”. Grab your set lists and make your way to the front row because Issue 81 is taking the stage.

Also reminder that this Saturday is Free Comic Book Day on May 6th. We are going to be celebrating in style this year as Jeff Provine will be joining us as we go on a marathon to several of our friendly local comic book stores to see how they celebrate this special day in comics.


Edgefest ’98


Retro Circuits

Our goal is to make amazing, custom, high quality games that you will enjoy playing for years to come. Stories of someone taking a walk down memory lane, or enjoying one of our multi games with family, makes my job more fulfilling. I’m a married mother of 2 children that love to play these games as well. I started out watching my dad play SMW as a kid, and although I was absolutely awful at playing games, I still enjoyed begging my dad to play for me insistently… I’m not too bad these days, but I won’t proclaim to be the master of anything!


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My Eyes (Doctor Horrible) – The Doubleclicks & Professor Shyguy – Chiptune version


This song is from Doctor Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog. This track was created by Professor Shyguy and sung by him & the Doubleclicks.
(We know “balls” is from that other Doctor Horrible song but we like saying it)

The Doubleclicks are a nerd-pop-folk sister duo from Portland, Oregon. you can find them at