Red Six On Comic-Con: All The Musk, None Of The Lines – Issue 93


This week the crew of Red Six to Golden Corral discuss San Diego Comic-Con 2017 a.k.a SDCC 2017 a.k.a Hollywood Superhero Movie Hype-Con 2017.  The largest geek convention in the world showcasing all the newest cinematic trailers as well as superhero movie and television news. Which only leaves 365 days to fumigate Hall-H but that gives us plenty of time to be cynical but secretly hyped for all the upcoming media being made ready for our consumption!  The gang sifts through the news and trailers to bring you some hot takes and excitement from Stargate to Justice League and all the bits in between. So dust off your Deadpool or Harley Quinn cosplay because it’s going to be a nerdy good time!




This is What Happens When Trash Fires Collide

Do not listen, beyond here lies madness!

Apocalypse Party Boys – Issue 92


In this Issue of Red Six to Golden Corral, there is no chance of cancelling the end times because the Apocalypse Party Boys are here! This week the crew discuss one of the most depressing and yet popular settings in fiction, Post Apocalypse. What makes the last gasps of civilization such an amazing backdrop for a story? Which apocalyptic scenario do you prefer most? All these questions as well as determining how fast the boys turn to selling their bodies when society crumbles! Zombies, nuclear war, plague, and religion are all on board to be the big contender for the last hurrah! Deep truths are revealed and some hot takes about Water World! Don’t miss this Mad Max fetishizing romp through the wastelands and make sure to bring an extra bottle of Nuka-Cola for your radiation soaked buddies!



Great Big Sea – End Of The World

Lyrics: It’s the end of the world as we know it. / It’s the end of the world as we know it. / It’s the end of the world as we know it, and I feel fine.… Full lyrics on Google Play Music
Artist: Great Big Sea
Album: Play
Released: 1997
Genre: Folk
Other recordings of this song
It’s the End of the World as We Know It
R.E.M. · 1987

An MMORPG Ate My Baby – Issue 91


This Issue of Red Six to Golden Corral takes a look at the seedy dragon underbelly of online video gaming. This week the boys reveal truths about Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Games that the streetwise call, MMORPG. They recount their own addicted histories experimenting with this divisive gaming drug.  Red Six has been informed by their legal staff that it is imperative they caution any listeners who have played MMORPG in the past that this Issue might cause nostalgia filled flashbacks to all the good times they had having fun and making friends online while traversing “fantasy landscapes”. Pulling back the curtain with hard hitting pseudo-investigative quasi-journalism, the crew discusses some of the fears of playing games like World of Warcraft (Street name: WoW) as well as Final Fantasy XI and Final Fantasy XIV.  After listening to this podcast, you find yourself wanting to roam a digital desert in search of some beefy cactaur to milk because a Quest Giver asked you to, don’t blame us. You have been warned.


A Call to Arms

A Call to Arms” is a song included on the World of Warcraft Soundtrack. The music made its debut in the cinematic trailer for Warcraft III (composed of various Warcraft III cinematic clips) and was first made available as a standalone MP3 from the official Warcraft III game site. The lyrics were written in “rough Latin”, in that they are just Latin words strung together without forming any coherent sentences, but are intended to convey ideas and sounds rather than tell a narrative.


Latin lyrics
English translation
Praelium FacioAnimus
Gradior Quo
ProdoIn Excelsis
InvadoriaDesideratus Fatum
Desideratus Bellum
Join battleCourage
By marching to death
Bring forthIn the highest
Fight to the finish
Against enemies
InvadeWelcome fate
Welcome war

Take One Improv And Call Me In The Morning – Issue 90


This week the crew of Red Six to Golden Corral is joined by Cory J Phillips and Aaron Michael from Take One Improv to discuss the finer points of improv comedy and being exceptionally photogenic. Take One performs at conventions and various events around the U.S. entertaining audiences with hilarious improvised games and dangerous amounts of audience participation. Having honed their craft for years the troupe skillfully delivers a memorable and raucous performance every show. Though actors through and through, Cory and Aaron are also connoisseurs of many geekdoms.  This becomes especially apparent when the Super Nintendo Classic (SNES Classic) becomes a topic of conversation as the boys look forward to the September release. Fallout, Star Fox, and good times in this Issue 90 of Red Six!


Cory Phillips

Aaron Michael



Ain’t That a Kick in the Head? (Metal Cover by DusK feat. J. Lawrence Kenny)

Published on Feb 11, 2012

Download from my website:
Source covered: “Ain’t That a Kick in the Head?”
As made famous by: Dean Martin
Original composer: Jimmy Van Heusen
Lyrics by: Sammy Cahn
Please purchase the original release.
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The vocals on this track are provided by J. Lawrence Kenny, AKA Orangedragan.

SoonerCon 2017: Four Panels And One Is A Lie — Issue 89


This week the crew of Red Six to Golden Corral is joined by one of their favorite returning guest, Jeff Provine. Author of multiple books including most recently 31 Ghost Stories and Hellfire as well as being the ghoulish soul behind the Oklahoma City Ghost Tour. This week Jeff joins us as we take a look back at some of the panels we spoke at for SoonerCon 2017. The boys discuss the fears of minds lost to madness and the ethics of A.I. in this thought provoking Issue! But that’s not all! We have porn star lookalikes, Caesar haircuts and a beguiling recommendation for Beguiled! Plus the season finale of the Movie Game that puts the entire season in jeopardy! It’s some of the best bits of Soonercon bottled for your mass consumption!

That dashing Jeff Provine!

Photo: Corbis



Tom Wilson: Bigger Than You 2009 (The Questions Song)

Tom Wilson – Biffs Question Song

This live concert by stand-up comedian Tom Wilson (Biff Tannen from Back To The Future) offers witty, family friendly commentary and humorous musical performances.

The Dark Side of Red Six: Hella Savings

After spending nearly a decade dwelling in the same cramp apartment, Heather and I recently bought a house.  Overall it has been an odd experience in “adulting” for me. In the apartment there was a carefree attitude towards appliances, roofs, lawns and plumbing. Now when walking up to the front door I find myself side eyeing the lawn and whispering a silent prayer of thanks to Crom for the neighbors whose landscaping is haphazard and overgrown. I fear my next door neighbors finding out how very little I know of mulch or what constitutes as a weed. Then once inside, my nerves twist during high winds (which we have often in Oklahoma) or whenever the toilet is flushed, fully convinced that costly repairs might be needed at any moment. I am happy for the change, but long for the days of stress free apartment living.

Buying appliances is one more area that has given me all the anxious “feels”. I love getting those “out of box deals” major retail stores offer but then I always worry that there is something seriously wrong hidden, just waiting to reveal itself days after the store’s warranty expires. I have tried more than once to cozy up to the sales person with a bump of my elbow and say “Between you and me, what’s wrong with it? I’ll still buy it but ya know.. whats the mark down in price really for?”.

This ploy absolutely never works. Not once. It actually has the opposite effect, much like a fish asking “Ok.. the worm you have on the line looks tasty.. and I’m gonna bite.. but.. is there a hook in it? Be honest.” to which the fisherman answers with a wolf’s smile “No, Mr. Fish. Nothing in that worm but more worms, even tastier worms.”.
Buying discounted appliances just smacks of modern consumer Lovecraft to me and nothing made me happier than seeing a refrigerator fit for C’thulu.

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Red Six & The Gutter: The Good, The Bad, And The E3 – Issue 88


This week the crew of Red Six is joined by Stevo, host of the GutterNerds podcast, to chat about E3 2017.  Covering the highs and lows, the boys take a look at the presentations put on by some of the juggernauts in the video game industry. In a moment of pure elation the gang single handedly discover how to fix E3 for years to come! It’s E3 2017 brought to you in a way you did not know you have been thirsting for!


Gutter Nerds

Stevo at AKON

Awesome time getting to hangout with Stevo during Purge Night 2017!



Big thanks again to our video game Sherpa, Stevo for guiding us to the mountain top of the Electronic Entertainment Expo! Be sure to see Stevo and the rest of his motley crew streaming live on Twitch every Monday at 9CST!


Stevo – Gutter Nerds


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PALR – Electronic Videogame Medley

Official Webpage:
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Red Six Adventure: A-Kon 2017 – Issue 87


It’s an action packed adventure in this fully loaded Issue of Red Six to Golden Corral.  The crew is back from Fort Worth, Texas where they conquered A-Kon 2017. Anime, cosplay, Visual Kei, Elijah Bae, Gutternerds are cray, and a river of whiskey made for one of the most memorable Con experiences the boys and gals. Hear heroic tales of Pentagon Japan and the dastardly deeds of BBQ. Throw your wedding rings in the dumpster because it’s time we make this official in this fun romp from A-Kon 2017!

The Crew

This amazing Lucio!


A Wild Stevo Appears!

Much love and a big thanks to all the staff and attendees that made this year’s convention such an awesome time!

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Pentagon ペンタゴン – WELCOME TO GHOST HOTEL PV – Sub e

Available on Spotify
Pentagon is a Japanese visual kei rock band formed in 2014. Members Chizuru and Minpha started the limited time band ‘Call Me …’ as a two-member unit, with Taku on guitar and Atsuki on drums. Wikipedia

The Dark Side of Red Six: Perils of The Podcast

As you wish, it’s time for another Dark Side of Red Six webcomic. This week we join the dashing couple from The Princess Bride as they take a wrong turn from the Fire Swamp and descend into the Perils of the Red Six Podcast. I am in love with Mathew’s take on Wesley and Buttercup stumbling upon a Raptor sex party. The especially naughty pair in the background get me every time!

Raptor Sex Parties are back, y’all!

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Red Six Draft: Alien Edition – Issue 86


This week the crew of Red Six brings an out of this world edition of the classic draft, and that can mean only one thing, aliens. Anything goes in this abduction inducing extraterrestrial filled Issue. Crossing the stars and all of science fiction, the draft brings back some old favorites and some unexpected twists when the boys try to out do the other in the most alien rule bending ways possible. Strong choices and poor choices come fast and furious when bragging rights are on the line. Watch the skies and slap “Mars Attacks!” into your bluray player because shit is about to get “ACK! ACK!”.


Looks suspiciously like a member of Red Six…



On my planet this symbol stands for “Get Rekt Nerds”

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The Misfits – I Turned Into a Martian – YouTube
Well, I turned into a Martian
Whoa oh oh
I can’t even recall my name
Whoa oh oh … More