Godzilla: Hide Your Granny, Hide Your Kids – Issue 123


This week the boys of Red Six return to Monster Island.  Identity problems arise as the gang tries discussing Godzilla vs The Thing or is it Mothra vs Godzilla? Either way its the return of the Kaiju slug-fest as the Toho series begins to build steam.  Will this next installment live up to the excitement King Kong brought?  Or will this Mothra fly to close to the radioactive flame and burn out?

This week a new segment debuts where the boys try to determine whether a list of sultry names belong to famous strippers or holes of a different sort.  All this and so much more as a Monster filled movie gauntlet competes against a monster of a Japanese candy.



Yuji Koseki - Mothra's Song

Music from the 1961 film Mothra. All rights belong to Toho.

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