The Dark Side Of Red Six: Master Vader

Welcome back adventurers!

This weeks comic was actually our very first comic written. I personally think it’s really sweet to imagine Vader indulging in his artistic passion for drawing and adapting smoothly to his new life as a mostly mechanical cyborg kill-bot for the Dark Side. I really loved Mathew’s take on Vader actually having facial expressions and not just a static mask. Funny note on this one, the first panel had some room left for Vader to be doing some “heavy breathing” as he drew his favorite pair of robot boobs, but there is a surprising amount of conflict residing on the internet on how to properly write the onomatopoeia for Darth’s signature breath. We decided to go with what is done in some of the comic publications and omit it altogether. But here are a few examples that we found online…

“KtrrrRRrr … Chooo…. KtrrrRRrr… Chooo”  (Chew or Cho?)

Hwooooooo Haaaa….Hwooooooo Haaaa” (Ok. This one, just comes off as Al Pacino from Scent of a Woman)

“shkssssshhh shksssshhhhh” (Definitely a flat tire)

Kriisshhhh…… Whoorrreeeee…..” (This one slays me.. I mean.. is he calling Chris a Whore??)


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